07 Aug 2020

Certified Kubenetes Administrator

I got my CKA certification!

So after a couple of week’s preparation I passed my CKA test at the first try. I’d like to share some of experiences for that test.

  • First, this is all about hands on tasks. No question, no selections but one task after another.
  • It’s three hours test (note since Sept 2020 the test time change to two hours). If you really familar with all those tasks the time should be sufficient but if you stuck at some point it could take some time. So scheulde your time carefully, dont spend your time on one task too much.
  • Got familar with kubenetes.io, you will need locate the related topic quick and accurate.
  • A lot of yaml files, so try to copy / paste from kubenetes.io indead of creating by yourslef. It’s very easy to made human mistake ;-)

Some materials I used for preparation






Note it’s not necessary to create your K8S cluster using “hard way” for testing purpuse. But I still recommand you to do so to get a better understanding of how K8S cluster works.

Is it worth it?

Well to get it you will spend quite some time and regisition fee ($300). So the question is - is it worth?

The answer is - depends on what you need/want. The learning part is most valuable, you got to cover most of the key features of K8S. If you are new to K8S, go get it. But keep in mind that doesn’t mean you becomes an K8S export, a real production environment is always much more complicated/fun than you thougt ;)